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The Science Behind:

Our health is the combination of the information encoded in our genome, the environment we live in and our life style. The results of the newest studies confirm that our genome is capable of molecular adaptations to the changing living conditions – DNA plasticity. This adaptative genome plasticity is mediated via epigenetic changes directed by the environment. Today it has become clear that human genomes differ not only by point mutations but also by whole genome rearrangements and epigenetic modification profiles.

The results of the 2nd Human Microbiome Project revealed that health problems like obesity, allergy, depression and cancer result from gut microbiome dysbiosis. The environment and diet shape the content and activity of our microbiome. In the healthy individual, microbiome-host interactions represent a symbiosis between those two collections of living cells. Recent studies have demonstrated that the host can shape the functional activity of the gut microbiome, and that the microbiome can also activate specific pathways in the host which contribute to different pathological states, such as inflammatory disease or Alzheimer Disease.

Today’s Reality:

The complete sequence of the Human DNA (genome) was first published in the year 2000. At that time we learned the exact sequences of the 23,000 genes that are coded in our DNA. We also know that unwanted mutations in these genes can result in various diseases. About 10 years ago, genomics came out from the laboratories and became commercially available to the public.

The first genetic diagnostics methods usually offered analysis of specific mutations of single genes. Genes, however, occupy only 1% of our DNA. The other 99% of our genome exists to control the expression of genes via a network of interactions which scientists are still learning about. With this in mind, several companies have recently begun offering analysis of single nucleotide variations of the entire genome sequence.

Unfortunately, both of the above diagnostic methods rely on treating the DNA as the linear sequence which stays stable over our whole life. Therefore, the methodology described above often fails to take into account the states of DNA activation that account for different individual phenotypes, and cannot be effectively applied to truly personalized medicine.

Our Complex Approach:

We would like to offer you our revolutionary, integrative, personal medical diagnostics, which will show uniqueness of patients genome, explain their health status by direct environment impact and indirectly via gut microbiota activity.


In detail we offer:

1. Reconstructing fully unique genome sequence of the patient with the possibility to discover all variability leading to different health condition. Information about gene variants important from medical point of view.

2. Getting the full information on the epigenetics which modify the impact of patients DNA onto health condition. Information about lifestyle gene variants modifications and information about possible changes in the lifestyle and diet to improve health and wellbeing.

3. Getting the gut microbiome content, functional activity, and interactions profile. Information about possible changes in the lifestyle and diet to improve health and wellbeing status.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you understand how the environment and lifestyle change your genes
and how can improve our health and that of our children..

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